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Tubular Pasteurizer

3 year warranty. We give three years warranty for any equipment manufactured by Dion Engineering LTD


For the pasteurization of the egg liquid products.


from 200 l/h up to 10 000 l/h


  • The Tubular pasteurizer use a tubular heat exchanger with external heat source - Hot water or Steam boiler
  • Working cycle of the tubular pasteurizer is 4 hours without cleaning.
  • OPTIONAL: Full automatization and Full automatic C.I.P. system.
  • The Tubular pasteurizer is pre-assembled and factory-tested with water to ensure fast installation.
  • Skid-mounted and small footprint for flexibility in limited space.

Temperature regimes:

  • Whole: from 62°C to 67°C (holding time: 180 seconds)
  • White: from 50°C to 55°C (holding time: 180 seconds)
  • Yolk: from 62°C to 70°C (holding time: 180 seconds)