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Spray Dryer

Dion Engineering LTD can offer spray dryers able to evaporate water from 30 l/h up to 1200 l/h.

Spray dryer can be used in the Complete Egg Processing Line.


Drying egg liquid into powder.

Technical Data:

Model Spray tower dimension Water Evaporating Capacity Input Capacity (feed material, kg/h) Output Product (kg/h)
Total height Outer Diameter Installation area required Length X Width X Height Whole egg Egg Powder Egg Yolk Yolk Powder Egg Albumin Egg White Powder
CSD-30 1.4 m 30 kg/h 39 kg/h9 kg/h 53 kg/h24 kg/h 34 kg/h4 kg/h
CSD-40 40 kg/h 52 kg/h12 kg/h 70 kg/h32 kg/h 45 kg/h6 kg/h
CSD-60 60 kg/h 78 kg/h19 kg/h 105 kg/h48 kg/h 68 kg/h8 kg/h
CSD-80 80 kg/h 104 kg/h25 kg/h 140 kg/h64 kg/h 90 kg/h11 kg/h
CSD-100 100 kg/h 130 kg/h31 kg/h 175 kg/h80 kg/h 113 kg/h14 kg/h
CSD-200 200 kg/h 260 kg/h62 kg/h 351 kg/h159 kg/h 226 kg/h28 kg/h
CSD-400 400 kg/h 519 kg/h124 kg/h 702 kg/h319 kg/h 452 kg/h55 kg/h
CSD-1200 1200 kg/h 1558 kg/h371 kg/h 2105 kg/h957 kg/h 1356 kg/h166 kg/h