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Premium Pasteurizer

egg pasteurizer by dion engineering
egg processing premium pasteurizer with cooling
egg processing premium pasteurizer with cooling 2

Technical Data:

Model Capacity Pateurizing temperature Rotor Spinning Heater
PFA 200 RSH 200 l/h up to 68℃ 5.5kW
PFA 500 RSH 500 l/h up to 68℃ 7.5kW
PFA 1000 RSH 1000 l/h up to 68℃ 15kW
PFA 1500 RSH 1500 l/h up to 68℃ 22.5kW




For the pasteurization of the egg liquid products.


  • Full automatization.
  • Full automatic CIP system.
  • No need to buy steam or gas boiler for hot water.
  • Plate heat exchanger by GEA Germany.
  • Compact design for minimum workshop space.
  • Low price and low maintenance cost.
  • No need to buy homogenizer.
  • Allows pasteurization at high temperatures for extended periods of time without cleaning.
  • Precise temperature control.