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Pasteurizer with RSH

Technical Data:

Model Capacity
PS 200 RSH 200 l/h
PS 500 RSH 500 l/h
PS 1000 RSH 1000 l/h
PS 1500 RSH 1500 l/h
PS 2 000 RSH 2 000 l/h
PS 3000 RSH 3000 l/h
PS 5000 RSH 5000 l/h
PS 10000 RSH 10000 l/h
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3 year warranty. We give three years warranty for any equipment manufactured by Dion Engineering LTD


For the pasteurization of the egg liquid products.


from 200 l/h up to 2 000 l/h


  • The Pasteurizer with RSH use a two-section plate heat exchanger with own heat source - Rotor Spinning Heater
  • Working cycle of the pasteurizer is 8 hours without cleaning.
  • OPTIONAL: Full automatization and Full automatic C.I.P. system.
  • No need to buy steam or gas boiler. The heating is done by using the physical friction and cavitation between the moving particles. In this process, the temperature grows inside the product itself.
  • No need to buy homogenizer. Using rotor spinning heater gentle homogenization occurs. The homogenization with rotor spinning heater is even gentler than with standard homogenizer. This helps to protect the functional properties of proteins (breaking, emulsifying, coloring) that remain the same as in fresh eggs.
  • Allows pasteurization at high temperatures for 8 hours without cleaning. When using rotor spinning heater, direct heating is applied to the liquid egg mass without using heat-transfer surface.
  • Precise temperature control. RSH ensure very accurate temperature control with a precision of 0.1 degrees.

Temperature regimes:

  • Whole: from 62°C to 67°C (holding time: 180 seconds)
  • White: from 50°C to 55°C (holding time: 180 seconds)
  • Yolk: from 62°C to 70°C (holding time: 180 seconds)