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Hybrid Pasteurizer

3 year warranty. We give three years warranty for any equipment manufactured by Dion Engineering LTD


For pasteurization of whole egg mélange, egg yolk and egg white(albumin).


from 200 l/h up to 2 000 l/h


  • The hybrid pasteurizer allows pasteurization of whole egg mélange with homogenization and of egg white (albumin) without homogenization.
  • The pasteurizer uses a three-section plate heat exchanger and combination between two different kind of heating sources - rotor spinning heater and an external boiler for hot water.
  • When the hybrid pasteurizer uses rotor spinning heater (RSH) as heating source, we use it to pasteurize whole egg mélange or egg yolk. The rotor spinning heater allows gentle homogenization, long working time (8 hours) and precise temperature control.
  • When the pasteurizer uses an external heat source - boiler for hot water, we use it for pasteurization of egg white (albumin). In this mode homogenization does not occur. This helps to protect the functional properties of proteins. The working cycle of the pasteurizer in this mode is 4 hours without cleaning.