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Basic Laboratory

Price: 11 000 €


For making laboratory tests of the production.

Basic Laboratory includes:

  • Moisture analyzer with user-friendly graphic display
  • Basic pH Meter (Kit with pH-electrode, Temperature sensor, buffer solution pH4 and pH7)
  • Thermostat with digital control (37°C)
  • Thermostat with digital control (41.5°C)
  • Compact laboratory balance
  • Easy Compact Dry Test SL (for Salmonella)

Other laboratory equipment included:

  • Sterilized Buffered Peptone Water (BPW)
  • Sterilized Rappaport-Vassiliadis broth (RVS)
  • Sterilized disposable pipette (1mL)
  • Sterilized disposable pipette (10mL)
  • Sterilized deionized water
  • Sterilized BagLight PolySilk (18x30 cм)
  • Clips for BagLight PolySilk
  • UV Lamps for Laboratory room